18 / Aug


Munich, Germany and Breckenridge, Colorado

Accolades/biggest accomplishment:
X Games silver medal, World Cup win, several video parts, many comebacks after lots of heavy injuries

What’s your creative outlet?
I love playing piano and chess and surfing in the river at home in Munich. Additionally I always find lots of inspiration while swimming laps, biking around town or scootering around (I don’t have a car).

How do you support others?
In snowboarding by encouraging girls when I see they need that little push or giving advice. In real life simply listening to someone who has a problem can go a long ways – often by telling your problems the way out of them becomes clear by itself.

Words to live by:
BE HERE NOW. Don’t worry too much about the future (it´s always ahead), don´t hold on to the past too much (it’s already gone) – enjoy the present moment and make the best of it, it’s the only thing that’s ever real.

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