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Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Accolades/biggest accomplishment:
Packing up and moving to a foreign land for almost 8 years of my life….and of course, skateboarding. Skating didn’t come naturally, but with trust in myself, patience and a lot of practise I found something I couldn’t be more passionate about.

What’s your creative outlet?
Writing, Photography and being outdoors, preferably somewhere in the mountains skateboarding, snowboarding, biking, hiking and exploring. I also work in brand marketing and PR so have lots of opportunity for creative outlet through work.

How do you support others?
Actions often speak louder than words – although encouraging words don’t hurt either. I try to encourage others, especially women, to get up, get moving and break out of their comfort zone. I write a blog and share photos which (hopefully) inspires others to go outside and enjoy the benefits of nature and an active lifestyle.

Words to live by:
If you want to see different results, you’ve got to be willing to do different things.

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