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Hometown: Marshfield, MA/Ventura, CA

Accolades/ biggest accomplishment: There are three that come to mind. Becoming a professional skateboarder. Returning to school with a fire to learn after many years off. Building my tiny home on wheels.

What’s your creative outlet? Surfing of all kinds – in the ocean, on the pavement, or snow. Just focusing on being in the moment and letting my body take over is the biggest creative outlet for me. I also enjoy photography and writing.

How do you support others? Whenever possible, I try to take every opportunity I can to make other peoples’ lives easier or better or more fun. Be it a giving a spare board, a set of wheels, a wetsuit, a meal, a ride, an ear to listen, an open heart – I love to give whatever I can. I actually have “give” tattooed on me.

Words to live by? Don’t let fear hold you back, just go at your own pace. Be confident but always humble. Do everything with kindness.

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